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Jenny is an artist and designer currently living outside of Columbus, Ohio. She studied art and industrial design at Bates College & Pratt Institute. After practicing interior design for 25 plus years in both New York & Ohio, Jenny had the urge to get back to creating the products she had been specifying as an interior designer. She began studying surface pattern design in 2014 and then realized that her industrial design training was a huge advantage when creating surface pattern design for products.

Inspired by the interaction of nature and man, Jenny loves to keep a human element in her work. What you’ll see are perfect repeats with a hand-made touch. Textures that remind you that no matter how perfect you make something, mother nature will always make it better.

“The well worn handle of your favorite leather bag, the history in centuries of a New York City doorstep, or the aerial view of a farmer’s field… the way we interact with our environment and the patterns we naturally create are fascinating to me. ”

Fashion is another source of inspiration. She designed and sold a line of handbags that she had manufactured in the US and Italy. Jenny is a trend watcher and fully appreciates editorial fashion as an art form. While trends will sometimes make it to her work, she remains true to her signature style before following any trend.

Jenny is one half of the creative duo, Bova Creative. Jenny & Clint collaborate on many projects and are always keeping an eye on each other’s independent work. After work, Jenny & Clint can be found with their two kids and two dogs on some crazy adventure.