Storytelling Collection

A case study in surface pattern design:

Storytelling Banner flat.jpg

What does your life look like in patterns? What are the places, colors, sounds, and smells that infuse who you are? I set out on a journey to express my life in a series of patterns. That’s when I started looking back… at photos, at notes, and at the things that inspire me the most. I thought about people and happy memories and the images surrounding those times. What came to life are a series of patterns that are deeply personal to me.

What are the places, colors, sounds, and smells that infuse who you are? What are the rich nuggets that fill your soul?

My process always starts with a vision board, or what we call a Tone-of-Voice. This is the document that I print out and refer back to as I create my collection.

Storytelling TOV.jpg

A visual record of my ideas coming to life:


My main print is fashioned after the climbing floral vine that was just outside my Grandparent’s front door in Chatham and a note that my Grandmother sent me when I was about 10 years old. The background of the print is the my Grandmother’s handwriting.

EPL letter w notes.jpg
storytelling floral square.jpg

I spent a decade in New York City. I ran around Central Park countless times. The city map overview is a nod to both the city and my running shoe prints, of which I made many.

maps print small square.jpg
shoe prints blue.jpg

Over the years I’ve driven, flown and run loops around the Northeast. This last print is a nod to what the path of my travels on the East coast might look like if I could see it in one view.

map for storytelling.jpg
storytelling loop print square.jpg

My days in New York City, Maine, Cape-Cod, and Ohio all play a role in this series of patterns. I hope they inspire you to explore your story beyond just the facts. It’s fascinating!